Have you ever wanted to have several clipboards available to let you copy and paste between applications more easily? iPasteboard is the perfect application to help you overcome the one-clipboard limitation.

iPasteboard lets you create an unlimited number of clipboards, easily accessible from a clean and efficient user interface. Designed and optimized exclusively for MacOS X, iPasteboard features a great-looking Aqua user interface, a service menu, a dock menu, image & text previews..

  • Main Features
    • Allows an unlimited number of clipboards
    • Clipboard content stored after a restart
    • Keyboard shortcut for instant access to iPasteboard
    • Built-in preview of clipboard content
    • Easily customizable with extensive preferences options
    • Very fast and responsive

  • Designed for MacOS X
    • Great Aqua user interface
    • Written exlusively for MacOS X
    • Service Menu
    • Dock Menu
    • Toolbar
Current version:
iPasteboard 1.1
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Copyright 2003 - Bruno Blondeau